Gearing up for Pitch Wars 2018

My wonderful friends at CityInk Tulsa (my absolutely beloved writers group) challenged several of us wanting to level up to submit to Pitch Wars this year. I remember hearing of it in the past and decided it was time to push myself to that next level. I’ve been stalling on submitting my novel Betrayed this whole year, I think because I was just finding so many things to tweak or improve instead of buckling down and getting my work out there.

Getting ready for Pitch Wars and having the awesome support of my group has helped me kick things into gear. It has made me get all the ancillary material (synopsis, query letters, author bios, and pitches) ready and given me the right framework from which to pitch in the future.

Submissions started yesterday and go through tomorrow. All I have left is my query letter and then I’m off to submit.

Wish me luck!

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