About Me

My name is Grant Michael Gardner.  I am an engineer by day, a novelist by night, and a tech lover at all times.

I write speculative fiction for young adults and adults, along with crime and mystery stories. My radio play thriller “Dangerous Love” was performed for a live audience by the Main Street Radio Players. I also dabble in fan-fic having written a murder mystery game based on the TV show, Firefly.

I craft my art in the spaces between being a full-time husband and father, church Sunday School teacher, lifehack aficionado, musician, and noob gamer. I’m also extremely curious and want to know something about almost everything. So whatever you’re into, I likely know a least a little and would love to have you teach me more.

The best way to get a hold of me is to comment here, though you also can find me on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

About this Blog

Here, I post about the systems, tools, and mindset needed to maintain my writing productivity. I share them in the hopes that others will find them useful in their desired creative spheres.

When I found my real-world writing group, I gained a community of friends and creators who have helped me grow in my art, level up in my craft, and push myself in my career. My further hope is that this blog will extend that same care and support to the entire online community of creators. I want to help foster an environment where those who wish to create can do so with confidence in themselves and their art.

Finally, this site also serves as my online home and as a distribution point for alpha and beta reads for my novels and other stories.