About Me

My name is Grant Gardner and welcome to Gardner Variety. I am an engineer, father, husband, geek, nerd, perpetual student, and aspiring author. I like knowing at least a little something about almost everything – a jack of all trades. So, whatever you’re interested in, I probably know at least something about it and would love to learn more.

I’m especially in to sci-fi/fantasy, storytelling, and music.

You can find me on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter and though I’m not super-active on any, you’re welcome to reach out to me there.

About this Blog

This blog serves as my distribution point for alpha and beta readers for my first novel, a young adult fantasy currently titled Betrayed. In the future, other stories will be here as well.

The actual contents of the stories are protected. If you’re interested in reading along to provide feedback, please fill out the form on the Welcome page and I will email you the password.

Please observe the rules and requirements for being a reader.