Updates and a Return to Blogging

First, let my start out by saying I’M DONE!

<insert dancing.gif>

My cut revision to remove 10% of the words from my first novel has been completed. My target final word count was 98,792. I finished at one word below target. Cutting 11,000 words from a story that I already felt was reasonably solid has taught me a lot about concrete writing and about removing redundancy. If you’re a writer and haven’t yet tried doing an extensive cut, I recommend it. From a craft perspective, it has already changed the way I write, and made it for the better.

This is also the point where I tease that I will be asking for beta readers of the completed cut to make sure I haven’t gone too far and ruined what I had. So be watching for a post recruiting beta readers.

Up next, for the next two weeks will be business related writing – I need summaries, queries, and bios built as I start sending this book out for representation. And I’ll be returning to blogging on the series I have planned – writers productivity, mechanical keyboards, and podcast reactions.

And most especially towards the idea of what constitutes a trustworthy writer and what I can do to foster a community of them.

So, expect a few more posts over the next few weeks as compared to the recent past.

One thought on “Updates and a Return to Blogging

  1. “So, expect a few more posts over the next few weeks as compared to the recent past.”

     It’s been a couple of weeks already, I hope you’re doing well.

    In the early 2018 I told you I’d share my experience about the Planck keyboard that I ordered in February, so here I am. It took a good while to get it because Massdrop logistics is such a mess. I received it back on the 28th of July, took about an hour to solder the MX Blue switches on the PCB but nearly two full days to flash the bloody firmware the first time.

    I madly wanted this keyboard to have a Bépo layout. In the end, the layout I’m currently using is called Béopy, it’s a variant which allows me to do lots of things and now I’m really fond of having bought it. I must confess even now I find lots of little ways to improve it. Granted, it’s probably not for everybody but in the end, I’m part of the few happy ones. I’m somehow looking forward to the Ergodox now, I only need to sell that Japanese white PS4 to get the money.

    At any rate, I hope you’ll come back some day. In the meantime, I wish you well 😉 .


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