What’s Next For Me

There are a lot of things I want to do: the next story, revisions of my first novel, agent pitches.

But one that’s been in my mind a lot: getting better at building a writing community.

Building a writing community

One of the things I have loved most about the particular community of writers that have taken me in is that we aren’t all that much into critiques or brainstorming or being “writerly”. There is however a contingent that is out to make this a business and a viable one at that.

In other words – we have professionals.

And the thing about being with pros is that you kinda can’t help thinking like they do – working to deadlines, showing up, bringing your craft into the light, putting yourself out there – pros get it done. And I realize that I’ve got to step up and be a better pro myself.

Part of that is going to revolve around the new website and changes which I am researching right now and will bring online within the next month. Another part of that is forcing myself to learn and to even like stuff I haven’t wanted to deal with: marketing and personal branding.

I’ve got some plans for how I’m going to tackle those and a lot of it is just getting the ideas into my head.

How does all of this go towards building a writing community?

I don’t know exactly. But it’s gotten me thinking.

I recently had a conversation with a potential beta reader and another acquaintance about books. Both of these individuals expressed an idea that harmonized with something that I have felt – both as a reader and a writer.

They both said how much they valued authors and writers that they could trust.

I’ve thought a lot about that since we spoke and about what that means to me. And I don’t yet know how it will take shape going forward, but it will be part and parcel of what I hope to build – here and in real life.

The community I want to help build is one of trustworthy authors.

Again, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I definitely want to figure it out.

What does that phrase mean to you? Who are authors you trust?

Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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