Yes, I’m Still Writing

For any of you following along who may have been wondering, I am still writing. You don’t do something for a whole two years and then stop after you’ve finished your first draft.

The biggest thing for me right now is getting some space from Betrayed, allowing me to come back to it fresh, and more importantly, less biased.

So, I’m moving on to other projects. I am in the middle of structuring/outlining an urban fantasy romance (don’t worry, no vampires or werewolves – in fact nothing paranormal at all).

Also, I have been starting to explore the world of short stories. I am working on a near future sci-fi short right now and if your lucky, I may even post by months end.

On that point, I am trying to complete a short story a month when I’m not committed to other projects (like CampNaNo in June or August or NaNoWriMo in Novermber). So, you can look forward to some more stories soon.

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