NaNoWriMo – or – “I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This!”

So, for those who are unaware, November is National Novel Writing Month. Or in abbreviated form NaNoWritMo. Every year, the non-profit group, “The Office of Letters and Lights”, hosts a friendly competition/motivation to have people write a novel in one month. A novel – 50,000 words. One month – 30 days. A brand new, nothing-worked-on-before-beyond-outlines-and-such novel in a month. The math gets rather frightening quickly.

I’ve known about NaNo for at least a year and put off doing it last year because I had already started this monstrosity. But this year I found out that you can claim what they call a “rebel win” for work that was previously started, but where you still manage the 50,000 words to finish it.

Oddly, I committed to doing it.

Oh, and to top it all off, I’m not letting myself off the hook for my alphas either. I had committed to having a chapter a week up for you to enjoy and I am still going to try to make that happen. But I have to admit, the NaNo is compelling. In just three days, I’ve done over 5000 words – so right on schedule! And it is addictive because I get SO much accomplished on the drafting front. And that means that I just finished Chapter 13 (which I actually thought turned out pretty amazing for being written off the cuff), which means I have 9 AND 10 that I have to revise/edit/post for you viewing pleasure. At this rate, I will finish the book on the 26th of November. HOLY COW!

So, I’m all for it, because this thing has kicked me into high gear. I just hope I can keep up. Now, on to revisions.

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